Cloth Napkins

April 14, 2008

The more I’ve started paying attention to my carbon footprint the more I’ve started to realize that there are so many tiny things that I can be doing to help reduce it. Napkins – we use them constantly, frequently grabbing more than we need when we’re out eating and even in our own homes.

Americans use an average of 2,200 paper napkins per person per year.

How to reduce your carbon footprint at the dinner table? Go cloth. It’s actually quite simple and was in use much more frequently when people weren’t so disposable happy.

Not to mention, Target, Ikea and many other stores that are becoming more and more green carry these cloth napkins at affordable prices. (It’s actually CHEAPER to rewash napkins than to keep buying new ones.)

So, what are you waiting for?

Want to go that extra step? Try getting your napkins made from sustainable or organic materials.



3 Responses to “Cloth Napkins”

  1. sumaya said

    I love the everyday things that we can all do to be green! Thanks for the napkin tip. I use them cuz they look great on my table, but its nice to know that they make a difference too!!

  2. Anonymous said

    how many do you need for a 2 person home?

  3. Samina Mohammad said

    cool idea! will look into it inshallah!

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