Baby Green Bean

April 24, 2008

When my husband and I decided that we’d go organic/all-natural especially for our baby, we were met by criticism by some of our loved ones.

When we were discussing the pros of biodegradable diapers, for example, one of the first things that was said to us was: “Do you really think that you’re going to make a difference?” Followed by, “You’re going to be spending a lot of money on that stuff, that’s such a waste.”

Certainly, with the arrival of a child one of the greatest worries after “Am I going to get back to my pre-baby weight?” is “How much is this little bundle going to cost?” Babies come with quite a hefty list of necessities that make any high-maintenance diva look like Plain Jane.

So naturally, when we decided to go with eco-friendly products (which sometimes are more expensive than their mass-marketed counterparts, but not always!) we were given “they’re crazy!” looks.

Now the way I see it makes me feel not only un-crazy, but actually a lot better about the choices we made. See, I think that there are two very good reasons to buy organic/all-natural baby products. First, I am choosing higher quality ingredients in products that come in direct contact with my little dear’s tiny body, such as shampoo, foods, and diapers. Her sensitive skin is an absorbant sponge that can potentially intake many petro-chemicals, carcinogens and synthetic irritants which may negatively affect her and potentially her own children. Many common diapers are treated with chlorine and is not only toxic but the production of chlorine releases toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons into the environment, which leads me to my second reason.

The enviroment matters, too. A child will go through an estimated 5 to 11,000 diaper changes. Taking up incredible space in landfills and taking more than half of a millenium to break down. If this means that I pay a bit more for a better quality, non-mass-marketed product that also impacts the environement in a positive way, then I believe that is money well-spent. What better investment than to support the eco-friendly trend in the world of baby products, which is as much of an industry as any other? If I am one more person adding demand for something that will do good then that does not make me crazy, and my money is being put to the greatest use of all: rescuing the planet one diaper at a time.

Baby Green Bean’s next post: A deeper look at eco-friendly baby products’ price and performance.


5 Responses to “Baby Green Bean”

  1. Rushda said

    This is awesome! Indeed you set a great example 😀

  2. Sarah said

    It would be awesome, to do a survey with the “past” generation of moms and the “current/new” generation of moms to see what eco-friendly choices they are making for their family and for the earth.. and compare the two. It seems that now more are following the trend of making environment and health choices.. but the light has not been shed on the Muslim community.. Jazaky Allahu khayran for this post! I loved it!

  3. Aïcha said

    super-motivating 🙂

    ..looking forward to more Baby Green Bean posts inshaAllah!

  4. Anonymous said

    awesome post!

    you’re setting a great example for your daughter, since kids unconciously learn what they see everyday as they’re growing up.

    Thus, by a choosing to make more eco-friendly choices in our daily lives, it hopefully becomes a natural thing for our kids to do the same in their own homes.

    for example, z is now so used to seeing us recycle around the house, that if someone inadvertently tosses paper or junk mail into the trash bin, she runs after us saying ‘that’s not supposed to go in there! it’s supposed to go in the recycle!’ and she’s only 3 mashaAllah.

    so in a way all the choices we make as parents are not just for the longhaul in terms of the environment, but also something that will inshaAllah be perpetuated for generations to come, thus having an even greater impact.

    looking forward to more baby green bean posts!


  5. Jewelle said

    Even better than the eco-friendly diapers would be re-using cloth diapers. Not only are they the best alternative for the environment, they are waaaay cheaper than any type of disposable diaper. Also it is the best health-wise for your baby as the soft cotton allows your child’s skin to breathe and prevents skin irritation and chafing.

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