Healthy choices, Healthy future

April 25, 2008

The thrifty lesson I was taught as a child was: “waste not, want not.” This turned out to be an environmentally life-long lesson. The habits we learn early are usually the ones we keep.

Start by combining our community involvement with a learning experience, which can be accomplished by taking an initiative at our local Islamic schools, youth groups, masajids, etc. This could perm culture garden (which creates a sustainable habitat by duplicating nature’s patterns), with the fresh produce being used in the schools. There can also be a “walking bus” program, using a network of adult volunteers to lead neighborhood children to and from school by foot. Also, we can consider an organic food cooperative or an environmentally friendly school uniform. Last but not least, we can look into a recycling drive to raise money for the school or for a charitable cause.

Teaching our children social responsibility at an early age and insha’Allah it will likely grow along with them.

  • Improve the local environment
  • offset carbon emissions
  • encourage a sustainable future 🙂

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