Dirty Veins?

May 13, 2008

As if polluted air is not bad enough already, now comes word that long-term exposure to the tiny, dirty particles may increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis, blood clots in the thighs or legs. A recent Italian study found that people who had been diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis had been exposed to a higher concentration of polluted air. “Compensating for other environmental and health factors, the researchers found that the risk of deep vein thrombosis increased by 70 percent for every increase in particulate matter of 10 micrograms per square meter.” These particulate matters are the type that we breathe in every day. They are found in the exhaust of vehicles, especially diesel engines and the burning of fossil fuels.

For the full article, please visit: Air Pollution Linked to Blood Clots in Legs

4 Responses to “Dirty Veins?”

  1. Aïcha Sebaa said

    wow..disheartening yet good to know. jazakAllahu khairan

    as immediate preventative measures for DVT, i suppose we should move/exercise (to keep blood circulating in the legs) in areas w/low pollution (such as the mountains)..

    ..let’s refer to the “Take a Hike!” post 🙂

  2. Naadiya Patel said

    Aicha’s right! I read that DVT’s related to pollution occur as a result of modifications in the blood’s coagulability.

    In the hospital, we encourage patients at risk for DVT to perform range of motion exercises or (if they can get up out of bed) walk up and down the hall a couple times. If we all walked more and rode our bikes more, it can reduce our risk of getting blood clots and in turn can help the environment.

  3. Angie said

    Can you say air purification?

  4. Omair said

    Can someone please purify the air in Cairo?

    I also notice that it didn’t take long for Hisham to be corrupted …

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