Recycle, Reuse, Reduce…..

May 24, 2008

A Montessori school in Mexico called the Children’s House of Palo Solo took this familiar saying to the next level.

The Children’s House of Palo Solo is the first Montessori school for poor children Mexico. It was founded 25 years ago on what was once a garbage dump. Before the establishment of the Children’s House, many of the children in the Palo Solo area did not attend school for financial reasons. Because their parents were uneducated and their families were facing poverty, these children for the most part went on to work at early ages in order to financially help their families rather than attending school. The answer to this predicament? Utilize native weaving techniques and used candy wrappers to make accessories that can then be sold to offer jobs to families in need and help fund the school. The bags are made under the label Mitz which in Nahuatl means “For you.”
The way it works is each artist or bag maker gets 100% of the profits from the bags that they sell but in turn have made an agreement to donate 20% of proceeds to the school. This way, families are given jobs and the school is being funded as well. Of course, the other benefit from this project is that the streets of Palo Solo are not being cluttered with used candy and snack wrappers.

To find out more about the Palo Solo Mitz project check out their site.


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