Saving Gas?

June 10, 2008

With the exponential rise in gas prices and increase in greenhouse gas emissions, take this Quiz and find out if you are being as earth friendly and pocket friendly as possible:

(( Saving Gas Quiz ))


3 Responses to “Saving Gas?”

  1. Sarah Al-Habib said

    I got 2 correct right :-/ Really cool facts though, I really learned a lot in a span of 3 minutes 🙂

  2. Angie said

    ya, thats the cool thing about gas..

    the gas situation on the other hand.. not so cool.

  3. Sarah Al-Habib said

    Check it out, based on the answers to the Gas quiz, this article in the Daily Bulletin has other critiques:

    “Also, filling up in the morning, which some people say increases fuel density and gives drivers more gas for the dollar, does not help, according to Consumer Reports.”

    And turning the air conditioner off at 65 mph saved only one mile per gallon, according to Consumer Reports. Opening the windows at the same speed made no difference to the mileage.

    Even changing the air filter does not really do anything to increase mileage for modern cars, because sensors restrict fuel consumption to match air flow. So a car with a dirty air filter accelerates slower, but it does not get worse mileage, according to Consumer Reports”


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