Celebrities Setting the Trend

June 16, 2008

So while we have heard about what celebrity was the first to drive a Hybrid, or the celebrity who has created spoons and forks out of natural resources, take a look at the next trend being set by celebrities and see how its going to impact our society..

In today’s LA Times article, Automakers are lining up celebrities to promote the technology, but the clean fuel isn’t ready for prime time.

Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis owns four Toyota Priuses and is high on the waiting list to buy a $100,000 Tesla electric roadster. But when he heard about the new Honda FCX Clarity, a hydrogen-powered car that gets 270 miles on a tank and emits nothing but water, he was desperate to drive it. “I want one. I want one,” he said of the Clarity, later dispatching his agent to hunt for the not-yet-available vehicle. A step ahead of Haggis was Joely Fisher, star of Fox’s ” ‘Til Death” TV show. She arranged for BMW to lend her a sleek metallic blue Hydrogen 7 Series — one of just 20 such experimental sedans in the country. Never mind that it gets just 130 miles per tank and can be filled only by a trained professional, who takes it to Oxnard and refuels it with liquid hydrogen cooled to 423 degrees below zero, a round trip that can take three hours. The sedan comes with a feature that’s worth the hassle: “Bragging rights,” Fisher said, laughing. Fancy cars have long been integral to the one-upmanship among L.A.’s glitterati. But instead of Bentleys and Bugattis, Hollywood’s must-have vehicles of the moment are green. And nothing conveys extreme exclusivity and earth-friendliness like a hydrogen car. The fad is a boon for car makers, which are leveraging the enthusiasm of the stars and their attendant paparazzi to boost their image as environmentally friendly companies. The cars aren’t for sale — and won’t be for years — but automakers are using celebrities to promote the technology and build support for the infrastructure needed to make hydrogen cars commercially viable.


…Beyond the cachet of holding the keys to such hard-to-get vehicles, environmentally attuned celebrities say driving the cars brings attention to a potentially important transportation technology in an age of $4-a-gallon gasoline and global warming concerns. Hydrogen technology has been around for decades, helping to power the space shuttle, among other applications. But serious study of its use in cars is relatively new. BMW burns hydrogen in a conventional internal combustion engine. GM and Honda, like most other carmakers developing the technology, mix hydrogen gas with oxygen from the air in a device called a fuel cell to create electricity that drives electric motors. Proponents note that hydrogen vehicles emit no greenhouses gases, unlike gasoline-powered cars. They have greater range than today’s electric cars and can be refueled faster than a battery can be charged. But critics say hydrogen fuel is difficult to store and, at least for now, energy inefficient. It requires more energy to produce than it provides once it’s in the car’s tank. Moreover, the process of making hydrogen can create greenhouse gases. And fuel cells are very expensive because they contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

Continue here It just gets better!

I don’t necessarily endorse the “celebrity trends” but with all the recent talk about hydrogen cars, natural gas / fuel efficient vehicles, this makes interesting insight for whats to come in the near future.
What do you all think of this?
How do you think this will impact the Muslim society in Socal – if at all?


2 Responses to “Celebrities Setting the Trend”

  1. Ferdaus said

    just like any trend, i think that it’s gaining momentum and will only get bigger and bigger insha’allah.. the muslim community will surely follow because sooner or later it will become popular, cheaper, and more available.

  2. Ferdaus said

    oh ya.. btw…i also totally think that there’s a conspiracy by the automobile industry and the oil companies. there is no way that this technology is “new”. and they most certainly have found efficient and inexpensive “non-petroleum” based fuels and cars. they have simply hid these plans away to keep us entrenched in the oil dependency.

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