Hypermiling for Non-Hyper People

June 21, 2008

Not sold on hybrids or not able to trade in your car for something with better miles per gallon? There is another way to get similar results with the car you currently drive; it’s called “hypermiling”. Hypermiling is a way of driving using techniques that greatly increase the fuel economy of your car. The downside? It requires a lot of patience. For that reason alone, my personal hypermiling skills are lacking big time. I was able to increase my miles per gallon 10-15% by simply accelerating slower and coasting a bit more than normal. Even a 10% gain in mileage translates to roughly 50 cents savings per gallon, which brings the current price per gallon back down to $4. The best hypermilers have been able to increase car mileage by more than 50%.

Driving to conserve gas should be the standard way of driving, regardless how much you are currently paying per gallon.

For more info on hypermiling, check out these links:

CNN Money
CleanMPG: Hypermiling
Wikipedia: Hypermiling


One Response to “Hypermiling for Non-Hyper People”

  1. Naadiya Patel said

    Hmm very interesting post. I think I will try this, it may serve as a way for me to discipline myself on the road..as well as help me save some money on gas insha’Allah. We’ll see, I’ll update you on how it goes.

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