Green Trucks??

July 27, 2008

I try to live a green life however, I must confess one non-green thing I find it hard to give up is my love for trucks. Trucks as we all know are far from fuel efficient and without a doubt contribute to air pollution. I did some research and came across this article that discusses the push for developing green trucks. It definitely gives me hope that I might one day be able to drive around in my ridiculously large truck without affecting the world too badly.

DOE Expands International Effort to Develop Fuel-Efficien Trucks
GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN – U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alexander Karsner and Volvo Group CEO Leif Johansson today agreed to expand cooperation to develop more fuel-efficient trucks. Once contractual negotiations are complete later this year, the cooperative program will be extended for three more years. An additional $9 million over three years in DOE funds will be matched by $9 million in Swedish government funds and $18 million from Volvo Group. When added with the existing $12 million commitment from the United States, Sweden and the Volvo Group the overall value of the cooperation will be $48 million.
To read more click here.
DISCLAIMER: As of yet I do NOT own a truck. I do hope that one day there will be a green alternative to trucks.

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