Baby Green Bean — Baby Signs

July 30, 2008

1. Signing allows a baby to communicate their thoughts, needs and feelings before they can speak.

2. Signing reduces frustration for babies. The second year of life can be one of great frustration for infants and their carers. One of the major causes of tantrums is the toddler’s inability to communicate.

3. Signing gives a window into the infant’s mind and personality, as they can communicate outside of the here and now.

4. Signing enhances parent-child bonding, facilitating a close relationship between parent and child.

5. Signing promotes excellent interaction. Because when using signing, parents automatically adopt positive interaction strategies such as following the child’s focus of interest, making eye contact, speaking slowly, and using simple key words.

6. Signing facilitates an adult’s ability to interpret early attempts at words and to assign meaning to them.

7. Signing children tend to be more interested in books. Using signing alongisde looking at books allows an infant to become an active participant in the story telling and their interest in books soars.

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3 Responses to “Baby Green Bean — Baby Signs”

  1. MetaMuslim said

    happy bday, baby green been 🙂

  2. Sarah Al-Habib said

    Aww subhanAllah I have heard about you doing that with Baby GB! lol
    Do we get to learn the secret language to communicate with her? I think you should publish a book! 🙂

  3. Asma Mana said

    a friend of mine taught her daughter how to sign and she actually can communicate pretty well using sign language.. she’s still learning how to talk.. it’s really amazing!!

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