Sweat Shop Talks on the Rise

August 11, 2008

Check this out:

College students from across the nation have been protesting their schools to put a halt producing their apparel under the same sweatshop conditions and in the same factories that supply retailers such as Wal-Mart.

This article written on Planet Green by Jeannine Ouellette:
At present, most university clothing is produced under the same (decidedly un-green) sweatshop conditions and in the same factories that supply giant retailers like Wal-Mart. But through the Sweat-Free Campus movement, student activists hope to create an alternative model in which universities will buy only apparel made in factories that demonstrate respect for worker rights ahead of low price.

The international movement for sweat-free campuses has been building steam since 2005, with thousands of students joining in rallies, marches, sit-ins, and other efforts to ignite change.

How much difference will it make? Perhaps a lot. Universities are major purchasers of apparel, so even a single institution acting on its own is a formidable adversary to those reaping giant profits by exploiting workers in sweatshops under exploitative conditions. When many universities act collaboratively, the effects can really garner the attention of industry giants.

To Continue: Planet Green

Take Action:

Do what the United Students Against Sweatshops are doing:

1. Know the Source: Whatever you purchase, contact the company and ask about the workers and their living conditions and whether the business has a code of conducts to protect its workers and their rights. If they fail to communicate the information to you, then its one you probably don’t want to stick with.

2. Switch to green and sweat free companies: Check out Co-Op America’s Ending SweatShop Program, although some listed there have concerns about their environmental practices. (Something I am still searching, any help is appreciated! )

3. Spread the Word: Check out the USAS (as stated above) is one great to work with others to spread the word and get the community involved.

For More information: Help End Sweatshops

Courtesy of Planet Green and writters.


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