Ramadan is around the corner….

August 31, 2008

Ramadan is just about to start and so will the rush to get ready for iftars suhurs taraweeh qiyams and all other great festivities. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Buy all necessities for the month of Ramadan before Ramadan so you can spend less time during the holy month rushing around. You can be more focused on your religious rituals and spiritual development.

2. If you have gotten into bad sleeping habits throughout the year, start readjusting now so you can wake up for suhur and Fajr prayer.
3. Reduce TV watching. Engage in other past-time activities centered around the masjid and community. You’ll suddenly find yourself with more time on your hands. (Less tv= less unnessary electricity)

4. Plan ahead to maintain a balance between your everyday responsibilities and your engagement in religious practices such as reading more Quran and praying Taraweeh, etc.

5. If you’re going to use disposable utensils for meals please avoid styrofoam. There are biodegradable corn and potato-based alternatives.

6. Wasting is always wrong but we tend to slip and do just that in Ramadan especially when it comes to food. Please continue to buy and cook the same proportions that you did during the months outside of Ramadan. Your stomach is still the same size as before in fact it just might shrink due to the fasting. And avoid going to the supermarket hungry you’ll be surprised what a difference it can make!
7. If you ever end up “stuck” with too much food donate it to local shelters, share with neighbors and friends. Avoid throwing extra food as much as possible.

8. Spending time in the masjid praying and reading Quran is very noble and encouraged, however, everything within limits is great. Divide your time to allow yourself time for school/work, worship, and rest.

9. With Ramadan comes longer night hours. Invest in “green” lightbulbs and encourage your masjid to do the same.

10. Whenever possible carpool with your family/friends to the masjid. It’s not only lowering your carbon output but also developing stronger bonds and preventing major parking issues faced by many masjids.

Last but not least, enjoy this blessed month and spread the joy and happiness it brings! May Allah reward us all for our efforts and may Allah accept our prayers, fasting, and good deeds! Ameen!

One Response to “Ramadan is around the corner….”

  1. Anonymous said

    great tips to green our ramadan practices!

    jazakallahu khair!!


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