Baby Green Bean — Back to School with an Eco-Lunch!

September 10, 2008

A Brown Bag Lunch is the common name for the all-American PBJ sandwich, an apple, a juice carton, and the wonderful, dependable brown paper lunch bag.

Of course, that wonderful nostalgia brings us to warm, fuzzy places, but let’s look at it again. Brown bags, even though biodegradable, are still a product of an industry that emits toxins, (when wood pulp is mixed with chemicals and then heated to make the paper) and cuts down forests, which is a double-whammy because we need double the trees to offset the pollution created by cutting one down. The paper bag, though much better than a plastic bag, is still weighing down on our environment.

So in comes the….REUSABLE lunch bag! (What a concept! Wait, didn’t I used to have a tin lunch box with a unicorn on it when I was a little fry? Where did that go?!) These come in all shapes, sizes, and prints. They come in an array of eco-friendly materials, and won’t (or shouldn’t) end up in our landfills as quickly as conventional bags. has entire categories of reusable lunch bags. Cloth, organic, string, mesh, hemp, bamboo, neoprene and other friendlier fabrics and plastics.

But what else goes into a lunch bag? Plastic baggies? Disposable utensils? These are the smaller things that add up in a big way inside a landfill. The solution of course: reusable utensils, and cloth baggies! There are these really handy bamboo utensil sets available, with a cool carrying case, of course.

Sandwiches can be wrapped in the reusable “Wrap-N-Mat” wrapper, which is wipeable, carries your sandwich, and unfolds into a placemant! As for “wet” snacks, like slices of fruit, etc, friendlier types of plastics and even aluminum containers will do! Liquids of course, go into reusable containers, such as the popular SIGG bottles.

See! There really is a way to never see a plastic baggie in your lunch ever again!

Kids love characters, and Built NY has come up with some lovable lunch pals:


2 Responses to “Baby Green Bean — Back to School with an Eco-Lunch!”

  1. Angie said

    …and for those Adult Green Beans who work, get a reusable lunch bag to remind you to take some healthy (and more cost efficient) meals with you to work! 🙂 is one of my favs!

  2. Zahra Billoo said

    Love it! I switched out of brown bags this summer when the non-profit I worked at stopped calling the lunch time seminars “brown bag lunches” and instead referred to them as “green bags!”

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