Baby Green Bean — Party Time!

October 9, 2008

Birthdays, `Eid’s, graduating from pre-school…aahh, all these events require celebration. And for the tiny tots, what’s more fun than a “babo”? (Balloon, according to my 14-month old.) Or candy? (Mine doesn’t have a word for that yet, it doesn’t exist to her…for now at least.) Or even the ever-popular “goodie bag.” (You know, those character-themed baggies full of plastic junk shipped from half-way across the world.)

So what do we do? Of course, there’s lots of alternatives for having a grand ol’ time at a kids’ party. We just have to be creative!

Balloons: These seemingly innocent playthings can be lethal to animals when released, and even children when they burst. Latex balloons biodegrade between 6 months and 4 years. Mylar balloons (the shiny ones that are usually in character form) last for eternity in a landfill. But they are reusable.

Decorations: Oh those nylon/plastic/paper shiny thingies that hang everywhere. We can all do without them. If necessary, string lots of paper lanterns everywhere! Those are pretty, functional (when lights are inserted), and chances are you won’t just toss them the moment the party is over.

Candy: My nemesis. The sugar rush really should be limited to special occasions, and organic or all natural candies and pops at that, too. There are way too many artificial flavors/ingredients and refined sugars in all of the mass-produced kinds. Or try eliminating them entirely and have home-made Popsicles and freshly baked cookies. And what better sweet treat than a basket full of strawberries, a bowl of melons, and some lovely grapes, too?

Goodie bags: Away with them! How about taking home a fond memory? Or even a Polaroid photo (or even a thank-you e-card with some digital images.) Or if they really need to take something tangible, make it ONE nice, quality toy, instead of a bag full of tiny plastic good-for-one-minute toys, and of course, put it into a paper or cloth re-usable tote. (Kid-sized, preferably).


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