Prevent Cancer, Green Lifestyle

October 13, 2008

Although there are no guaranteed methods for the prevention of breast cancer, going green has been established to reduce your chances. Mary Beth Gonzales from developed this short list of healthy lifestyle changes that you can do to get you on the green path:

1) Toss out all the chemical cleaning products in your home and purchase safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies from companies like Shaklee (my favorite after 8 years of trying various brands)
2) Buy organic food that hasn’t been treated with pesticides or chemical preservatives (good for you and tastes better too)
3) Eat dark leafy greens and vegetables (e.g.: broccoli, kale, carrots)
4) Buy lots of house plants (especially spider plants that can remove 96% of carbon monoxide, and 99% of nitric oxide, both noxious gases, after only 24 hours)
5) Drink home purified water (not soda or sugary juices or alcohol) in a safe, re-useable, chemical-free water bottle (no #3, 6 or 7 on the bottom of the water bottle)
6) Use natural, organic, non-toxic personal care products ( I like to use an entire line of products that are developed to work together such as Nature’s Gate Organics, Pangea Organics, Dr. Hauschka)
7) Sleep on organic bedding and in organic sleepwear (try wonderful and luxurious organic cotton and bamboo products from Under the Canopy and Dreamsacks) and now even Target has organic sheets!

Source: Green is Universal

2 Responses to “Prevent Cancer, Green Lifestyle”

  1. Amer said

    this may seem off-topic, but has anyone discussed the health implications associated with class disparities?

  2. kiran said

    thanks for the spider plants tip!

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