Baby Green Bean — Love the Little Critters

November 6, 2008

One of the beautiful attributes of Allah (swt) is Mercy. We should remember the hadith which tells us that when Allah (swt) created Mercy, He divided it into one hundred portions. He kept ninety-nine portions for Himself and distributed the last portion among His creation. All the Mercy and Compassion we see in this world and all the Mercy that is exercised by every species of creatures anywhere in the universe is part of that last share.

The Prophet (pbuh) says that “Even when an animal lifts its leg to allow its youngsters to pass” it does so as a result of having a share of that last portion of mercy which Allah has distributed among all His creatures.

Our children have grown up (and we have, too) these days with little to no appreciation of the natural world. We prefer to keep them inside tied to electronic devices that give responses to pushing buttons.

What can a child learn of the beauty of Allah’s (swt) creation when we cannot see it or experience it? Where is the most wonderful place to see such Mercy before our very eyes? That’s inexpensive, and nearby? Well, besides preserved lands, (if you’re lucky to live near one) the ZOO!

Taking my 15-month-old has proven to be a most rewarding experience to teach her about other creatures. Parents can illustrate love, mercy and care towards animals. And one of the best things about a zoo, is that you can “adopt” an animal! You can sponsor the care of an animal in the zoo, and that can teach your child that he/she is a part of the care for an animal. By adopting an animal you support the health, well-being, and maintenance of an animal.

These small steps can be taken to assure that our children will grow to love and appreciate Allah’s (swt) creation, and learn to make choices that will positively affect their planet.



2 Responses to “Baby Green Bean — Love the Little Critters”

  1. MetaMuslim said

    I came for the cute baby animal pictures and I was not disappointed. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous said


    Cute pics, and nice to know you can sponsor an animal. I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought of zoos as animal prisons and have found them most depressing….

    That’s just me…

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