Local Green News

January 3, 2009

This past year about 200 local volunteers came out to help the Colorado Lagoon Wetlands and Marine Science Education Center with plant restoration of the Colorado Lagoon here in Long Beach, CA. The volunteers helped with native plant plantings and iceplant eradication.

The Colorado Lagoon Wetlands And Marine Science Education Center‘s upcoming events include:

Estuary Explorations: come help salvage native salt marsh plants
Sat. January 10th 12-2pm
Sat. February 14th 12-2pm

Iceplant Removal Days: come help eradicate a non native plant
Sat. January 17th 10am-12pm
Thurs. February 12th 3-5pm
Sunday February 15th 11-1pm:
Thurs. February 26th 3-5pm

Native Bluff Planting: Come help plant a Coastal Bluff habitat. Limited space, please RSVP to get involved.
Sat. January 24th 1-3pm

If you are interested in participating you can get more information by visiting the site: http://coloradolagoon.org/ or by contacting Cris Sarabia 562-879-9756 cris@coloradolagoon.org


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