25 Most Promising Green Businesses

February 2, 2009

Going green was big news for a while, then the collapsing economy put a cloud over the movement. Nonetheless, a derth of reporting doesn’t mean that the scientists, entrepreneurs, and business brains behind the burgeoning industry have slowed down. If anything, their products are growing in maturity and potential. We waded through hundreds of eco-oriented companies to pick out the ones with the most promise, in terms of product potential and marketability.

Here is #18:


Chicago paper company GPA
has devised a way to produce paper without trees or water. Instead, it uses calcium carbonate and limestone-derived mineral powders to make the paper, which it then binds with resin and polyethylene. Dubbed Ultra Green paper, the product is cheaper than synthetic paper, more weatherproof, doesn’t yellow, and is even antimicrobial. Despite this plastic-like durability, GPA claims the paper is as printable as that made from trees. Energy savings and favorable features make Ultra Green a product to watch out for.

Click here to read about all 25.

Source: Business Pundit


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