Natural Soda?

April 17, 2009

I made one of my rather infrequent stops at Costco today. As I was passing through the drinks isle, something caught my eye. A brown cardboard box with a logo reading “Pepsi Natural.” Of course I had to stop and take a look at it to scrutinize the ingredients and finally try a little of it since Costco always seems to have free samples.

Pepsi packages this drink in glass bottles and in containers that look like the traditional brown paper bag. While the color of this drink looks a little dilute, kind of like dirty water, the taste is rather impressive. Needless to say it doesn’t really taste like the real thing. Its fair to say that it does taste like a soda even though it lacks the high levels of carbonation.

I’m not sure as to whether the sugar added to the soda is cane sugar or if its regular refined sugar, but either is better than high fructose corn syrup. For more information about Pepsi Natural, the ingredients and nutrition facts visit the Pepsi website and use the drop-down menu to the left to find Pepsi Natural.


2 Responses to “Natural Soda?”

  1. Angie said

    The idea sounds cool.. but I’m still kinda skeptical.. added sugar? hmm.. I guess it’s better than plain Pepsi but still not the best alternative out there.. Any nutritional value at all??

  2. Naadiya Patel said

    I think I’ll be the happiest person ever if there was a soft drink that had nutritional value. Pepsi natural has carbs, sugar, sodium and caffeine like any other soda does and still is 100 calories in a can. To be honest, I’d rather drink water or juice.

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