Spilling the Facts NOT the Oil: Know and Contribute!

June 12, 2010


This posting is part of a continuous effort of raising awareness about the issue of oil spill within the Muslim communities.  What roles can we take with the most positive manners? What can be done about this disaster facing upon us?

The following are just some quick facts about the oil spill which MANY of us are not too aware of.

The DEPTH of this spill –

  • Massive oil clouds known as “plumes” have been detected 400 feet deep (other studies have found them over 1,000 feet deep).
  • The argument that oil plumes could not exist deep in water because oil rises to the top of water due to its density does not necessarily cancel out the possibility of the plumes. The reason being that the source of the leaking oil is a well very deep under water that is spewing the oil out at very high pressures, causing the oil to mix with the water while it moves towards the surface, forming an oil-water combination. While water by itself is not as dense as oil, this oil-water mixture is actually denser and therefore could cause oil by itself to form plumes and remain deep underwater. It is extremely difficult to try to remediate at that depth (we need more microbes!?).
  • Devastation at such depths is hard to calculate and fathom, as this level holds a great amount of very essential sea life and could therefore be the beginning of a serious impact on vital food chains for sea and land animals, as well as humans.
  • Native wetlands are being destroyed, and water levels are rising against threatened levees due to the spill. All of this can and likely will lead to an intensified hurricane season (while issues such as oil spills and global warming do not necessarily CAUSE hurricanes, they can GREATLY intensify them, potentially shaping a minor storm into a deadly one).

  • Since the spill, temperature readings in the basin have been up. Higher water temperatures are quite possibly the greatest intensifier for storms and hurricanes (which we witnessed in the last few years). The hurricane season in the area typically starts at the end of May and lasts until November.
  • The spill is not necessarily limited to the Gulf area, as the Gulf is home to an amazing naturally occurring water movement known as a “loop current” that can carry the oil all the way to North Carolina. While, the loop current will likely stop there, other spin-off currents can carry it further, all the way to the East Coast of the U.S. So we should not consider this contained within this specific area as the oil and effects it carries can spread. All the more reason to push BP for a more active and costly (which IS  totally affordable!) clean up/remediation.

  • Much of this can and should be blamed on the hazardous, destructive, and hopefully dated practice of offshore drilling.
  • The Federal Govt and others are using this as a push for new “clean energy” (LNG or “liquefied natural gas”). BP was far ahead of ExxonMobil (who is now leading the way) and other major oil companies with the LNG project, heavily focused in Qatar. But, BP later dropped the plan in favor of other opportunities (e.g. offshore drilling – the cause of this disaster).
  • Shell Oil is now headed to the Arctic for more offshore drilling similar to BP. Activists are already fighting to stop them and avoid another disaster.
  • By the way don’t fall too quickly for the “clean energy” bit with ExxonMobil. We can save that for another day, insha’Allah.

DO: Make Du`a!!!

DO: Reduce your oil consumption. Cosmetics, paint & cleaning products – read the tabs/labels.

DO: Spread awareness.

DO: Push for legislative action 2010. Head to the polls and vote for local candidates who support environmental protection, including a new U.S. energy policy. You can also send a message to President Obama demanding a stop to offshore drilling through a form at the Sierra Club website.

DON’T: Boycott BP gas stations. We will be hurting the local station owners NOT BP.

Please add onto the list insha’Allah

Stay up-to-the-minute on the response to the spill at DeepwaterHorizonResponse.com


One Response to “Spilling the Facts NOT the Oil: Know and Contribute!”

  1. MuslimAct said

    Thank you for this. I really wasn’t aware of some of these things, even though there has been ample news coverage about it since spill occurred. Looking forward to reading your take on “clean energy”.

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