Seize BP Protest at CNN Building – Thurs, June 17, 5pm

June 15, 2010


Protest at CNN Building
Don’t Let CEO Tony Hayward Cover BP’s Crimes!

Thursday, June 17, 5pm
CNN Building
6430 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
(Corner of Sunset & Cahuenga)
Map Bus & Metro

On Thursday, June 17, BP CEO Tony Hayward will testify before Congress. He’ll attempt to cover for the most recently exposed criminal negligence of BP.

Internal BP emails and other documents that recently surfaced reveal what we have been saying all along: BP’s unfettered drive for super-profits is what caused the spill.

On what a BP engineer called the “nightmare well,” BP executives cut corners, refused to perform essential safety tests, ignored warnings from experts, and side-stepped required safety mechanisms in an attempt to maximize their profits. Now, 11 workers are dead, many thousands of families on the Gulf Coast have had their livelihoods destroyed, and the catastrophic effect on the ocean grows more severe by the day.

On Thursday, Tony Hayward will tell congress why his company, which made $5.6 billion in just the last quarter, is absolved of all responsibility. As we’ve seen the U.S. government coddle and submit to BP for the last 2 months, we know that it’s going to take outrage and action by the people to hold BP accountable.

Come out and protest at the CNN building–one of the busiest corners in Hollywood–to demand that our voices be heard. With the momentum of the Seize BP campaign growing around the country, our demands have entered the national debate. Being in the streets as Tony Hayward covers up BP’s crimes is essential to keep up the pressure and demand real justice.

For more info call 213-251-1025 or email


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