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A Sweet Deceit

September 16, 2008

The Corn Refiners Association has launched a huge (and costly) ad campaign in an attempt to dim the emerging light over the years beaming about the detrimental affects of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).

Here are the two ads:

Is it realistic for the average American to consume HFCS in moderation when it is found practically everywhere (even bread!) and many times, in extremely high quantities (just read where it lies in order on the ingredients list)? Sure it’s possible, but the fact that it is pumped in so many places makes the journey more difficult for the average consumer. And does the word “moderation” ring any bells? Sounds kinda like refined and empty-calorie sugars, mercury-ridden tuna, suffocated and farmed salmon, alcohol, neurotoxic artificial sweeteners, and the like; we’re constantly told that these poison-infested-pieces-of-matter set for sale are “fine in moderation.”

And does HFCS rightfully gain the exhaustively-flaunted title, “all natural” just because it is made from corn? Ethanol is made from corn too but I don’t think anyone would advocate for people to consume it. Furthermore, it is excessively refined and processed to form that clear-sweet-syrup. Besides, aren’t tobacco and poison ivy “all-natural” leaves? But that definitely doesn’t dismiss the numerous harms they cause. And of course, wine comes from grapes. Does that suddenly make wine a beverage to flaunt (albeit, that has been a lucrative tactic used by the brewery industry for years)?

On another note, the ads serve to belittle those who don’t want to consume HFCS. In both ads, the characters come off rude initially and ignorant when they are unable to support their view against HFCS (as if no one can give a response as to why HFCS is terrible for our health.) It makes it seem as though if you don’t consume HFCS, then you are the one with the problem. This holier-than-thou tactic can be used to sell practically anything on the market—good or bad. Let us not be fooled. Hopefully these ads will inspire people to research more about HFCS and other terrible additives plaguing us today.

And in-vision, hopefully the day will come when we don’t need to constantly plunder into discussions about the nonsense stuffed into food-turned-to-poisons and eat real food, simple.

“Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.” (Qur’an 2:168)

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