Green Faith

June 23, 2008

Check this out! On behalf of Sierra Club, they have graciously sent us a newsletter about communities of different faiths who strive and work hard for a better environment. The Sierra Club has told Green Deen that they are about to release their first ever national report on Faith and the Environment. They highlight the people of faith from each of the 50 states who strive to work and protect Allah (swt)’s creation. Check out the article below as whats to come!

“It is He (God) who has made you His viceroys
on earth” (The Qur’an, 6:165). Inspired by this
passage, the Islamic Environmental Group of
Wisconsin (IEGW) shares Islamic environmental
teachings with its members, the larger
Muslim community and the general public.
They work to apply teachings to daily life and to
form coalitions with interfaith environmental
organizations in Wisconsin in order to create a
more just and sustainable future.
IEGW completed a successful energy awareness campaign in
the fall of 2007. Partnering with the Wisconsin Interfaith
Climate and Energy Campaign (WICEC), the IEGW helped
organize Interfaith Energy Awareness Month, which garnered
more than 100 pledges to use energy saving compact fluorescent
light bulbs (CFLs). Those pledges added up to savings of
84,600 kilowatt hours of energy and prevented 122,700
pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, earning the group the distinguished
2007 Energy Star Change a Light Pledge Leader
recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
and the U.S. Department of Energy.
IEGW founder Huda Alkaff said caring for the
environment is central to the Islamic faith and is
supported by many passages in the Quran and the
Hadith. To help spread the message, Alkaff said she
regularly meets with the imams from many different
mosques and encourages them to share the connection
between Islam and caring for the earth.
“They’ve been very receptive and willing to do it,”
said Alkaff. “The earth is mentioned more than
450 times in the Qur’an. I formed [IEGW] to
bridge the gap between the practice and the belief.”
The 2007 energy awareness initiative is just one example of IEGW’s
work. The organization also holds free workshops for Muslims where
participating individuals and families learn ways to apply the Islamic
environmental and stewardship teachings to their daily lives, reduce
waste, conserve energy and water, eat healthier foods and build a
stronger sense of community. The organization also participated in the
2007 fourth annual Wisconsin Interfaith Earth Month.
“It’s great to work with the interfaith community,” Alkaff
explained. “It gives me strength, as we all face the same things. We
just keep on encouraging each other.”

For more information check out their website!